Who’s That Girl?

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Hello to you, the big worldwide interweb. I am sure the whole world is not going to come flocking here but I still thought I would say, “Hello” to anyone who just may find us. Most people who start a blog off, do so because they have a hobby or interest which they want to share with the world. That is not why we are here. The Meffs website is nothing other than a place for us to post anything we think is fun, interesting or entertaining – in fact, just anything we feel like. This is actually our second attempt at a website. The original site ran from 2011 for a few years and then finally fizzled out when I realised a year had gone by and we hadn’t posted anything. We hope to do better last longer this time.

I showed the site to a friend and the first question she had was, “Who’s that girl?”

She was talking about the photograph of the girl holding the “I Love Meffs” sign on our homepage. I have to confess I have no idea. I found the image on Google many moons ago and Photoshopped the sign onto the book she was holding. I can’t even remember now what she had written on the book, all I do know is that the image file was called “demi.jpg”. So I guess her name is Demi.

In the unlikely event that Demi actually finds this picture/post then, “Hello” and I hope you don’t mind us “stealing” your picture.

As of today, there is not that much here on this site, there will be more to follow.

Finally, in the words of Jed Clampett, “Sit a spell, take your shoes off.

“Y’all come back now, y’hear?”

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