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Ihave a pretty normal/average taste in music which tends to veer towards Rock/Pop. However, just lately I have discovered a few bands that have turned my head towards what is labelled as Jazz. Personally, I think it is a mix of Jazz/Bosa Nova/Latin and not always played on the kind of instruments you would associate with Jazz. The bands in question are The Bahama Soul Club, The Juju Orchestra and the band featured here; Club Des Belugas.

Club Des Belugas refer to their music as Nujazz and claim to combine contemporary European Lounge & Nujazz Styles with Brazilian Beats, Swing and American Black Soul of the fifties, sixties and seventies using their unique creativity and intensity. Who am I to argue, I love it even though I have never listened to anything even remotely Jazz related before.

Anyway, enough of my rabbiting, just click on the play button above and see what you think…

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