How The Meffs Came About

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Just what is a Meff? If you go to the Urban Dictionary and look the word up you will see it originally meant a homeless person who drank methylated-spirits. However around Liverpool, it has grown into something completely different; it is taken to mean someone who doesn’t quite fit in.

If you think back to your school days there was always one boy/girl who didn’t fit in and who kept themselves to themselves. They never wore the correct labelled clothes. They never watched the right television programmes. Think of Ralph Wiggum. A person like that is a Meff but calling someone a Meff isn’t considered an insult – it is similar to calling someone a dumb blonde.

This post is just for Fay who is a little confused as to why I consider myself a Meff. So for her, and anyone else who is interested, I shall explain…

RoadkillHow The Meffs Came About


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According to the Urban Dictionary, “meff” has the following meaning… 1. Meff n. Derogative. Meff is to describe an alcoholic homeless person, or a ‘tramp’, who lives in a house. The word originated in Liverpool, England, where it is still used as an insult. Eg. “Look at that guy, he’s a proper meff.” 2. Meff A “meff” is a slang …