Sneaky Private Lee

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I have been trying to think of a song to feature on the blog to see how it handles MP3 files. Should I just choose a random song or try to work out which is my favourite song – a difficult enough decision on its own. Then I remembered this song and the fact it has a little bit of …

RoadkillSneaky Private Lee

REM Lotus

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Sorry, I just can’t help it. I played this in the car the other day and I have been walking around singing it ever since. It is one of those songs that when you hear it you don’t think much of it but then find yourself singing it for the rest of the day. Next thing you know you love …

RoadkillREM Lotus


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According to the Urban Dictionary, “meff” has the following meaning… 1. Meff n. Derogative. Meff is to describe an alcoholic homeless person, or a ‘tramp’, who lives in a house. The word originated in Liverpool, England, where it is still used as an insult. Eg. “Look at that guy, he’s a proper meff.” 2. Meff A “meff” is a slang …